What Is Failure To Maintain Lane?

As a licensed driver, you’re probably well aware of the rules of the road. One of the many traffic offenses is failure to maintain lane. This simply means that a driver should remain within their designated lane and not cross over or touch the lines. When changing lanes, a driver must wait until it is safe to do so and signal properly to alert other drivers. If you were stopped by police for this traffic offense and were arrested for drunk driving after police conducted a DUI investigation, it is in your best interest to seek the advice of an attorney.

Understanding Probable Cause

In order for police to begin a DUI investigation, they must have probable cause to stop your vehicle. This means that they have actually witnessed you committing a traffic offense. Upon approaching your vehicle and speaking with you, police cannot legally begin a DUI investigation without probable cause. For example, seeing an open alcohol container in your vehicle or smelling alcohol would constitute as probable cause to begin a DUI investigation.

What Are Some Examples?

It is impossible for a driver to be expected to drive completely perfect and always maintain their lane. Excessive weaving, drifting, straddling a divided line and erratic lane changes for a considerable distance are another matter and considered failing to maintain lane traffic offenses. If police witness a driver committing any of these traffic offenses, they will stop the vehicle. Since drinking alcohol often results in these type of driving behaviors, failing to maintain lane offenses often go hand-in-hand with DUI charges.